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What is fishX

fishX was designed and developed with the novice and professional angler in mind.  It is a computer based software intended to improve your angling by simply capturing your adventures, from socials to competitions, and generating statistical information based on your data. It is very flexible, meaning all data on the software will be captured and managed by yourself. Below are some of the features of the software...


My profile

The system can use up to 2 users. Profiles are independent from each other. You manage your own profile:
-Add your own profile picture
-Add your own Angling Club Logo (if applicable)
-Country (The country you live in)
-Group (Senior, Junior, Veteran)
-Date of birth
-Angling Club (if applicable)
-Angling licence details with expiry date reminder


System Settings

You manage your own data by adding it to the database. Set your settings as you prefer:
-Add/Edit Manufacturers
-Add/Edit Casting Methods (For Example: Over Head, Over Shoulder, etc.)
-Add/Edit Competition Types (For Example: Leagues, Club Competition, Pro Mania, etc.)
-Add/Edit Venue Types (For Example: Private Venue, Nature Reserve, etc.)
-Add/Edit Provinces (All South African Provinces already added)
-Add/Edit Countries (Currently South Africa and Namibia. You can add more as you wish)
-Metrics System (Weight system, Length system and temperature scale)
-Points System (Per Fish, Per Kilo/Pound, Attendance Point. You can add your own points to the system)
-Backup and restore function with reminders (Never, Weekly or Monthly reminders)


Quick Statistics

Includes basic, social and competition statistics. More detailed statistics can be generated at other sections of this software. This is just to give you a quick overview of your adventures.


My Catches

Here you capture your personal bests or that fish that you don't want to forget.
-Species, Common name, venue caught, date caught and weight
-Upload a photo for every fish
-Print a report of your catches
-Convert weight system, from kilogram to pound and visa versa
-Catch Album with all your personal best and favourite catches
-Filter your catches by year, species, common names or venue


Distance Casting Log

Capture your distance casting.
-Rod used, reel used, casting method, line used, leader used, weight used, feed used
-Distance per cast
-Comments for every cast
-Print casting report 
-Filter casting log by rod, reel or rod length



You capture and manage your own venues.
-Venue name, type, province, area/zone, GPS Coordinates and contact number
-Upload your favorite photo for every venue
-About this venue (add any comments you want for every venue)
-Search GPS Coordinates (you need an active internet connection to use this function)
-Search weather forecasts (you need an active internet connection to use this function)
-Print venue report



Add your own species and species common names.
-Species (Carp, Barbel, Yellowfish, etc.)
-Common Names (Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel), Small Mouth Yellowfish, etc.)
-Print species report



Capture all your adventures. From socials to competitions. The most important statistical data will be generated from your adventures. The more adventures you capture the more reliable and accurate statistics you will receive.

Social Adventures
-Plan Social Adventure (Date, Venue, GPS Coordinates, travel distance, expenses for this adventure)
-Update Social Adventure

-Plan Competition (Date, Venue (area/zone), competition type and description, competition host,  GPS      Coordinates, travel distance, expenses for this competition)
-Update Competition

The Update Social Adventure or Competition section includes:
-Fuel Calculator and expenses
-Angling date and times
-Competition details (if applicable)
-Weather Conditions (Temperatures, Wind, Rain, Moon Phases, Atmospheric Pressure)
-Angling Conditions
-Rods Used
-Reels Used
-Lines Used
-Angling distances with comments
-Traces used with comments
-Dips used plus combinations
-Feed Used
-Baits used plus presentations (Hook Baits, Powders, Particles, Artificial Baits)
-Fish caught plus point system
-Individual fish caught (Best fish for each adventure plus a photo for every fish)
-Final Results (Score for each adventure according to point system)

You can print a calendar for all your adventures.

Blank Fishing Log
You can print a blank fishing log to complete at the water for each adventure.

Print Adventures
You can print every adventure with all its details.

Advisor Report
You can print an advisor report for each venue. This report gives you suggestions on what gear and bait to use at a specific venue. This data is generated from all your adventures captured.

Completed Adventures
All your completed adventures.


Dips And Baits

You add and manage your own dips and baits.
-Bol Dips
-Hook Baits
-Artificial Baits
-Add/Edit Hook Bait Types (Dough, Floats, Soackers, Meat Baits, etc.)
-Add/Edit Feed Types (Ground Bait, Buckets, Particle Feed, etc.) 
-Add/Edit Dip Volumes (50ml, 100ml, 200ml, etc.)
-Print reports (with filters) for all of the above
-Arrange Dips, Hook Baits, Powders, Particles, Artificial Baits according to your tackle box)


Terminal Tackle And Tools

You add and manage your own terminal tackle and tools.
-Add/Edit Line Types (Braid, Mono-filament, Nylon, etc.)
-Traces (Self made and bought)
-Weights (Sinkers)
-Swivels, Clips, Rings and Beads
-Print reports (with filters) for all of the above



You add and manage your own rods.
-Add/Edit Rod Types (Fiberglass, Carbon, etc.)
-Rod Manufacturer
-Rod Model
-Rod Length
-Blank Type
-Rod Value
-Rod Guides
-Rod Colour
-Rod Serial/Product Number
-Rod Photo
-Print Rod Report



You add and manage your own reels.
-Add/Edit Reel Types (Baitrunner, Centrepin, etc.)
-Reel Manufacturer
-Reel Model
-Reel Type
-Gear Ratio
-Ball Bearings
-Handle Type 
-Reel Colour
-Reel Serial/Product Number
-Reel Value
-Reel Photo
-Spools Plus Spool Information
-Print Reel Report


Fishing Gear

You add and manage your own fishing gear.
-Gear Description 
-Serial/Product Number
-Print Fishing Gear Report


Camping Equipment

You add and manage your own camping equipment.
-Equipment Description
-Serial/Product Number
-Print Camping Equipment Report



Never forget a recipe again. Capture your recipes and print reports.
-Recipe Type (Dip, Dough, etc.)
-Recipe Name
-Recipe Value
-How to make
-Add/Edit Recipe Types (Dough, Concentrates, etc.)



Reports include system and statistical reports.
-Dip Statistics
-Bait Statistics
-Powder Statistics
-Particle Statistics
-Artificial Bait Statistics
-Feed Statistics
-Reel Statistics
-Rod Statistics
-Line Statistics
-Trace Statistics
-Social Adventure Statistics
-Competition Statistics
-Adventures (No fish caught)
-Fish Caught Per Species
-Most Points Per Adventure Type
-Most Point Per Venue
-Most Weight Per Venue
-Most Fish Per Venue
-Statistics Per Temperatures
-Statistics Per Moon Phases
-Statistics Per Time Intervals
-Incomplete Adventures
-Expenses Report
-Gear And Bait Value Report
-Various System Reports

System Specifications

Minimum Requirements:
System Language: English
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
1 Gig Ram or more
+-500 Mb Hard Drive Space
Runtime Environment (this is included in all install packages)

Whats the difference between the Pro And Lite version

The fishX Lite version does not include competition sections of this software. It is for anglers that want to focus only on social adventures.

Whats the difference between the 32 bit and the 64 bit system versions

There is no difference in the 32 and 64 bit system versions other than the platform that it runs on. All installers include the necessary system platforms that are needed to run the software. If you are unsure of which version to download then start with the 32 bit system,

How to install the software

You can find the installation documentation here: Installation Documentation

Where to download the software

You can download the software here: fishX Downloads
All downloads of this software are trial versions with 10 days evaluation period.


You can view some screenshots of the software here: View Screenshots

Coming Soon! fishX Club Edition
The all in one software to manage your angling club, club events and members. If you are a club owner then this software is for you.

If you are interested in the fishX Club Edition then fill in your email address below and we will keep you informed of the development.

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